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The Time to Build Quantum Expertise is Now

By IQT News posted 14 Aug 2019

(EETimes) Prudent developers should begin looking into quantum computing right now.
The code-cracking of encrypted communications is not the only application where the technology promises disruptive breakthroughs, and these other opportunities have further fueled interest. Medicine, materials science, molecular biology, and financial applications are all exploring what quantum computing can do for them. And the interest is growing.
Quantum computers are already operational, although currently too simple to outperform traditional computers (a milestone known as quantum supremacy).
It is important for industries to begin exploring the use of quantum technology today. Quantum computing is not simply faster computing, it differs dramatically from traditional computing in the way it solves problems. Developers will need the time to become familiar with the new approach so that they are prepared to use quantum computing as soon as it is ready.
The approach to quantum computing is so different from conventional computing that current computer and programming expertise will essentially be inapplicable to quantum computing. Developers will have to start from scratch to learn quantum computing. The time to start building quantum computing expertise, then, is now.
The Aspencore Network has created this Quantum Computing Special Project of tutorials to help give developers a head start. Your IQT newsletter will be describing each of those tutorials in upcoming days.

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