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Tech Giants Pouring Big Money into Quantum Research

By IQT News posted 26 Jul 2019

(AnalyticsIndia) Quantum computing has witnessed tremendous progress and has moved out of the theoretical realm to the tech world the past five years. Seasoned journalist Richa Bhatia provides an excellent overview of the “tech giants’ investment in quantum research with a closing exploration of the commercialization of quantum tech becoming a platform of the nationalist agenda.
She opens by observing, “The (quantum research) landscape is dominated by frenetic R&D and VC investment activity”. Top areas of research being pursued by major players are quantum communication, cryptology, quantum algorithms and quantum computation. While companies like Microsoft are following a broad approach in quantum by making breakthroughs in software, IBM and Google are pursuing computational methods and their applications in the market. The landscape is dotted with big names like Google, AT&T, Microsoft, Raytheon and Intel, who are building strong quantum portfolios. The latest to join the quantum race is Honeywell who recently announced a breakthrough in the area of quantum mechanics. Reportedly, their project is so advanced that the company can start commercializing it as early as next year.
Two of the world’s leading banks — Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase — are also pursuing quantum ambitions. On the other side of the spectrum, Japanese tech giants NEC, NTT, Toshiba and Fujitsu are chipping away at North America’s leadership in quantum computing by working towards bringing quantum applications to market.
China’s BAT trinity is also at the forefront of quantum tech. Dubbed as an adopter of tech, China plans to change things by being a forerunner in this space. Since 2012, approximately 76% of academic patents published in quantum applications have been from Chinese Universities.
Three startups have already gained prominence in this sector. 1) D-Wave received more than $220 million in funding from Bezos Expeditions and Goldman Sachs among others; 2) Andreessen Horowitz backed Rigetti Computing snagged more than $119 million in funding; 3) IonQ, co-founded by Christopher Monroe Another has aggressive growth target for its trapped-ion technology.
quantum computing has taken on nationalist fervour with both China and the US locked in another battle for supremacy.

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