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Sumitomo Corporation Quantum Transformation (QX) Project – Quantum Computer Improves Performance of Traffic Control for Flying Cars

By IQT News posted 15 Oct 2021

(BusinessWire) Sumitomo Corporation Quantum Transformation Project (hereinafter referred to as “QX PJ”), which aims to revolutionize society with the power of quantum computers, is collaborating with OneSky, a provider of unmanned traffic management (UTM) solutions, and Tohoku University, which has extensive research experience in quantum annealing, a method specializing in optimization among quantum computing. The QX PJ has conducted a demonstration of the use of quantum computing to develop a real-time three-dimensional traffic control system for the era when hundreds of thousands of air mobility vehicles will be flying in the sky, and has improved the number of flying vehicles that can fly simultaneously by about 70%. We have also demonstrated that quantum computing is about 10 times faster than conventional computers in certain problems. In the future, we believe that quantum computers will be able to increase the number of flying cars by further improving their performance, and that air mobility will be able to create new value by providing the shortest and best route for emergency flights that should be prioritized.
Air mobility is a next generation means of transportation that is expected to shorten travel time in urban areas, improve convenience of travel in remote islands and mountainous areas, and speed up emergency transport and goods transportation. To ensure the safety and security of air traffic in the age of air mobility, it is necessary to determine the optimal flight operation considering the ever-changing weather, radio wave conditions, and the situation of other air mobiles. However, it may be difficult for conventional computers to find the answer in real time from an exponentially increasing number of combinations. To solve this problem, QX PJ has started a quantum technology demonstration to control a large number of air mobilities in real time.

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