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SAP Defines the Quartet of Technologies Under the Quantum Umbrella

By IQT News posted 13 May 2019

(Forbes) The umbrella of quantum technology covers a quartet of disciplines: quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum sensing and quantum simulation.  Susan Galer, the Communications Director at SAP Global Communications, defines each quantum discipline and its potential business benefits.
Quantum Communication: Quantum communication is about data transmission. Quantum-based channels could help companies share more information with greater security. It’s also the foundation of what’s called the quantum internet.
Quantum Computing: Quantum computing’s potential benefit is the ability to help business solve certain problems exponentially faster. Quantum computing is well-suited for processes that can tax the limits of classical computing.
Quantum Simulation: Scientists and researchers in industries like pharmaceuticals and chemistry are looking at quantum simulation to develop better products and save money. Instead of experimental trial, error and often happenstance discoveries, industries could predict results faster and with greater accuracy. Quantum simulation can model larger quantum systems compared to classical or even supercomputers.more data powers better outcomes
Quantum Sensing: Quantum Sensing technology extracts information from individual atoms, which is much more precise than just measuring a group of atoms. Medical diagnostics. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has always been based on quantum technology.

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