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Research from University of Chicago Could Pave Way for Future Quantum Communication Channels

By IQT News posted 31 Dec 2019

(Inverse.com) New research from the University of Chicago has uncovered a potential way to bring quantum technology to our everyday electronics.
The research investigated the properties of a wafer-thin material called silicon carbide and how it could be used to control capricious quantum states. From the two studies, the University of Chicago team determined that could not only tune the silicon carbide’s quantum states using run-of-the-mill electric fields but that the quantum states of silicon carbide uniquely emitted photons conducive for communications.
David Awschalom, the team’s lead researcher and Liew Family Professor in Molecular Engineering at UChicago, said in a statement that this exciting quantum property of silicon carbide could pave the way for future quantum communication channels. “This makes them well suited to long-distance transmission through the same fiber-optic network that already transports 90 percent of all international data worldwide,” said Awschalom.
These results are still very far from commercializing such tech, the authors hope their discoveries will play a part in enabling the next generation of quantum technology. “This work brings us one step closer to the realization of systems capable of storing and distributing quantum information across the world’s fiber-optic networks,” Awschalom said.

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