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The Reasons We Need Quantum Computers

By IQT News posted 25 Jun 2019

(TechCentral) The reason for the drive toward quantum computing the perennial demand that computational power grows. As we reach the limits of Moore’s Law, the demand for more processing power has increased. The continuing explosion in data processing will demand that more and more computational power is available.
There is a second, and even more pressing, reason for the flurry of interest in quantum computing: computer processors are reaching the absolute limits of the technology and chip components now are almost at the atomic level, creating hard physical limits to how much further they can be reduced.
JamesRobin Wootton, a researcher with IBM in Zurich, explains that quantum computing is, in terms of the desired outcome, in line with traditional computing. “The purpose of quantum computing is the same as any computing: to solve problems we need to solve,” he said. However, the problems intended to be solved are ones that traditional computers struggle with.

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