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Rahko Reaches Groundbreaking Accuracy on Honeywell’s Latest Quantum Processing Unit

By IQT News posted 01 Oct 2020

(Rahko.ai) Rahko has announced its latest quantum processing unit (‘QPU’) implementation, in a collaboration between Rahko (led by Jules Tilly and Edward Grant), Johnson Matthey (led by Glenn Jones), and Honeywell Quantum Solutions.
“The interaction between quantum hardware and quantum software is critical to the pathway to realizing the full potential of quantum computing. Honeywell’s latest QPU offers an optimal set of features, between high gate fidelities and full connectivity, for us to challenge our quantum algorithms on larger problems.” – Jules Tilly, Research Scientist, Rahko.
Using Rahko’s Discriminative Variational Quantum Eigensolver (‘DVQE’), Rahko has reached groundbreaking accuracy on Honeywell’s latest QPU, System Model H0, giving strong early indication of the powerful capability quantum computing will offer for the computation of electronic structure.
Examples of particularly promising application areas include photo-electrochemical reduction of CO2, low-T ammonia synthesis, and enhanced understanding of enzyme function in photosynthesis.
With the benefit of the device’s low error rates and a fully connected set of qubits, Rahko has used its DVQE method (a fully variational method) to reach groundbreaking accuracy in the first excited state of a 4-qubit molecule on Honeywell’s System Model H0.

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