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QuSecure teams with Arrow to deliver PQC; plus more about VeroWay

By Dan O'Shea posted 27 Jan 2023

Post-quantum cryptography (PQC) firm QuSecure announced a software distribution agreement with international value-added distributor Arrow Electronics, which not only represents a major boost in QuSecure’s ability to get its QuProtect software in the hands of partners and users, but also makes Arrow the first large technology company to broadly distribute PQC solutions, according to QuSecure.

How broadly? Arrow Electronics has more than 220,000 commercial and federal channel partners who now have QuSecure available to them to help them implement PQC for end users. QuSecure said Arrow will marshal its sales force to bring QuProtect software to its entire customer base. QuSecure co-founder and COO Skip Sanzeri said the relationship with Arrow Electronics “will enable us to reach tens of thousands of federal and commercial customers as we move toward becoming a more secure and resilient nation.”

The new relationship was announced just days after QuSecure unveiled its QuEverywhere orchestration solution, which also has the aim to get PQC to as many end users, devices, websites and apps as possible. 

QuSecure and QuEverywhere user VeroWay recently talked to IQT News more about how the Swiss financial sector software provider is using the solution.

Sean Prescott, Global CTO of VeroWay, said of the arrangement, “We’re looking to roll out not only device-to-system quantum-safe encryption for all of our 15+ million users, but also encrypt and protect data at rest, leveraging QuSecure’s entire security stack over the next few months. Additional milestones will be reached by combining our forces in providing full packaged solutions to enterprises, such as banks, exchanges, insurances, legal firms, and the medical world.”

He added, “The feedback we’ve gotten from our clients – all with inherent needs and requirements for top-notch, best in class security – has been overwhelmingly positive and we continue to measure our success on the satisfaction of our customers and users with their direct feedback and our ability to continue to provide the service quality they desperately need.”

Asked if VeroWay sees a clear need for quantum-safe encryption right now, Prescott said, “Absolutely! With cloud providers starting to offer quantum-based compute power to VIP clients, the resilience needs to be established as soon as possible. It’s up to us as the pioneers in this sector to collaboratively educate and initiate partners into this space about being post-quantum-secured and resilient. Just like when the internet was created several decades ago, we need to continue to establish standards and collaborations to avoid any potentially catastrophic interruptions of services and infrastructure.”

 He added that VeroWay also sees PQC capability as a potential competitive advantage. “As a company that specializes in protecting financial transactional data (as well as needing to be HIPAA and PCI compliant for other data-types – think of the world of medicine and legal/law), it’s imperative that we’re always on the edge of innovations when it comes to full self-custody of data (not just financial assets). We strongly believe that the best companies out there will be implementing quantum-safe encryption in a way that is invisible to the end-client yet allows full key life-cycle management to be implemented in a scalable and unobtrusive way.”

Meanwhile, Rebecca Krauthamer, QuSecure co-founder and Chief Product Officer further explained to IQT how QuEverywhere works:

“QuSecure creates quantum resilient communications channels that can scale rapidly to millions of end users,” she said. “As the QuEverywhere solution rides on top of, and protects existing web and mobile application infrastructure, it scales seamlessly to any number of users without performance impact. We create quantum channels by applying quantum random number generation along with NIST algorithms, then orchestrate and distribute the quantum safe cryptography so that user sessions are entirely quantum resilient. Our quantum-resilient channels provide nearly zero latency in addition to current TLS standards, so we can operate at speed. It’s also important to understand that we do not require any software updates on end user devices. That means no installation or change of experience for the end user on desktop, mobile and edge devices, and minimal install on the web server side.”

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