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QuiX Quantum at Inside Quantum Technology Fall

By IQT News posted 08 Nov 2021

(Sponsored by Quix Quantum) At this year’s Inside Quantum Technology Fall event on 3 November, Jelmer Renema, CTO and co-founder of QuiX Quantum, spoke about his vision for photonic quantum computing.

Quantum computing will revolutionize information processing. In the race of quantum computing platforms, photonic platforms are in the lead. Especially, the commercialisation of quantum photonic components is increasingly growing.
QuiX Quantum is market leader in photonic quantum computing systems and their components, enabled by silicon nitride integrated photonics technology. Last year QuiX Quantum introduced the world’s largest quantum photonic processor, thereby pioneering commercialization in the field. The processor operates at room temperature instead of cumbersome cryogenic setups and is the first plug-and-play system for quantum information processing based on integrated photonics.Harnessing the intrinsic scalability of integrated photonics, QuiX Quantum roadmap aims to realize a photonic processor with more than 50 optical modes by the end of 2022. By achieving this feat, the photonic processor supports enough computational capacity to outperform classical supercomputers.

Along with the quantum photonic processor, also whole quantum photonic systems are readily available at QuiX Quantum to offer customers a one-stop shop. The system currently comprises a 12-mode photonic processor and 6 input photons to perform operations and will be extended along with the processor development.

Lastly, to expand its product roadmap QuiX Quantum is also offering custom solutions for its customers. Based on its expertise, QuiX Quantum offers engineering and full control for complex photonic circuits to help their customers utilize the strengths of integrated photonics.QuiX Quantum was founded in early 2019 by Jelmer Renema and Hans van den Vlekkert as a result from a collaboration between the University of Oxford in the UK and the University of Twente in the Netherlands. During the pre-seed phase, QuiX Quantum was supported by Dutch investors

RAPH2INVEST. Last, year FORWARD.one, a tech innovation investment specialist, and Oost NL, the development agency for east Netherlands, invested in QuiX Quantum.

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