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Quantum Tech’s Road to Commercialization

By IQT News posted 22 Nov 2019

(Forbes.com) Quantum computing has undergone a transformation from a largely scientific and theoretical field to an increasingly tangible product and it’s facing a historical “make or break” commercialization moment for many emerging technologies. Innovations either pass through this inflection point unscathed or fall victim to a combination of overhyped promises and immature tech.
Indicators of Successful Commercialization Falling into Place for Quantum Tech
We’re seeing the beginning of commercialization with some advanced quantum technologies, and the next few years will be crucial to proving quantum’s commercial viability.
Millions of developers today can access quantum processors via the cloud, bringing about a surge in early adoption and the identification of hundreds of early applications. We’re already seeing companies apply quantum computers in problems with potential real-world impact.
We’re seeing three key indicators emerge that signal quantum’s commercial viability: 1) an increase in early adoption from category leaders, 2) the emergence of entrepreneurial “quantum pioneers” and the rise of a supporting ecosystem in the form of independent software vendors (ISVs) and 3) consulting firms.

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