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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 48: QC Ware CEO Matt Johnson

By Christopher Bishop posted 19 Apr 2023

Chris Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Matt Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO, QC Ware is live!

Matt was a captain in the Air Force on active duty for five years and then worked as a managing director in private equity at Apollo Management.

His company, QC Ware, is a quantum and classical computing software and services company focused on delivering enterprise value through cutting-edge computational technology. With specialization in machine learning and chemistry simulation applications, QC Ware develops for both near-term quantum and state-of-the-art classical computing hardware.

The company just introduced an exciting new capability called Promethium providing a SaaS platform that enables customers to simulate molecular properties and accelerate new molecule discovery on powerful classical hardware. Check out the press release.

Take a listen to this fascinating conversation!

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