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Quantum Tech Needs Atomically Precise Manufacturing

By IQT News posted 05 Aug 2019

(NextBigFuture) To effectively harness the power of quantum computers, Zyvex President John Randall believes we can no longer live with the “sloppy fabrication” of today’s semiconductor factories. Maintaining the correct mix of superimposed quantum states is crucial to the successful quantum computation that requires much more precision than is currently available in manufacturing tools.
Randall calls for investment in the development of manufacturing tools that have significantly better manufacturing precision. He believes there are many paths to developing higher precision manufacturing tools. Randall concludes “The US Government must invest in the future of our national security by funding and research and development of an entirely new generation of manufacturing tools capable of atomic precision.
Zyvex Labs has the goal of Atomically Precise Manufacturing (APM). They are researching and developing tools for creating quantum computers, analog quantum simulation devices and other transformational systems that require atomic precision. Developed as part of this effort, ZyVector™ turns the world-class ScientaOmicron VT-STM into an STM lithography tool, creating the only complete commercial solution for atomic precision lithography.

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