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Quantum News Briefs November 22: SandboxAQ announces first of upcoming public sector contracts, Atos & IQM partner up in quantum simulation; Japan’s Quantum Technology Innovation Hubs joined by Okinawa Institute for Quantum Technologies + MORE

By Sandra Helsel posted 22 Nov 2022

Quantum News Briefs November 22 begins with Sandbox AQ’s announcement of the first of upcoming public sector contracts followed by Atos & IQM partnering up in quantum simulation. Third is

SandboxAQ announces first of upcoming public sector contracts

SandboxAQ, an enterprise SaaS company delivering the compound effects of AI and Quantum (AQ) technology to governments and the Global 1000, was recently awarded a Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract by the Department of the Air Force to conduct post-quantum cryptographic inventory analysis and performance benchmarking. Quantum News Briefs summarizes the announcement below.
This award is significant because it prioritizes innovative, dual-use technologies that can benefit national interests. “U.S. adversaries are gathering encrypted data with the intent to exploit it once they deploy quantum computers–these are known as ‘store-now-decrypt-later’ attacks,” said Jen Sovada, President, Public Sector at SandboxAQ. “Quantum computers in the hands of adversarial nation states could devastate U.S. national security if post-quantum cryptography, or PQC, is not urgently implemented. PQC deployment across national security systems is expected to take years and SandboxAQ is proud to support the Air Force in this critical first step.”
SandboxAQ has assembled the most qualified team of quantum cryptography experts in the United States and its PQC solutions are already being used by some of the world’s largest banks, healthcare providers, and telecommunications companies as well as U.S. government agencies.  Click here to read the complete announcement from HPCWire.
NOTE: IQT Pro’s A closer look at the quantum sector’s most buzzworthy investor: SandboxAQ


Atos & IQM partner up in quantum simulation

Atos and IQM announced the signature of a partnership to deliver end-to-end quantum computing technologies and capabilities on November 16, as part of the Group’s hybrid computing strategy. Quantum News Briefs summarizes from Photonics online.
As the market is shifting to real-world quantum computing applications, this partnership will see the integration of IQM’s Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) into Atos’ QLM and, more globally, into Atos’ quantum application development platform.
This unique proposition on the market enables customers to seamlessly program their Quantum Computing applications and run them on the QLM framework perfectly emulating all attributes of the target quantum hardware (topology, gate set, noise model). By doing so, customers could then directly execute these applications on real-world IQM Quantum Computing hardware without any need to modify them.
Atos’ exascale strategy will use Artificial Intelligence technologies and quantum computing as accelerators in traditional HPC workflows, in order to achieve lower time to solution and a reduced energy footprint. To that end, supercomputers will use the Atos QLM quantum application development platform as a gateway to Quantum Computing resources (emulated or real hardware) in hybrid computing workflows. With an emulation capacity of up to 41 Qubits, Atos’ QLM Application programming Environment will help its customers to develop hybrid applications, using the gate, annealing and analog quantum computing paradigms, together with IQM QPU, offering 20 Qubits today and up to 50 Qubits committed by 2023. Click here to read complete original announcement. 


Japan’s Quantum Technology Innovation Hubs joined by Okinawa Institute for Quantum Technologies

The Integrated Innovation Strategy Promotion Council, formulated by the Japanese government in April 2022, is now one of ten Quantum Technology Innovation Hubs that exist across Japan. In response, the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST, President and CEO Peter Gruss) has launched the OIST Center for Quantum Technologies (OQT). Quantum News Briefs summarizes the article from Mirage News.
The new center, which was created on October 31, 2022, will drive research and innovation for the Quantum Technology International Collaboration Hub. The OQT will act as a center for international exchange, helping to facilitate global research collaborations, while attracting and developing current and future leading scientists within the quantum field. The OQT will seek to make contributions to the wide range of quantum technologies, from quantum computers to quantum security, by promoting interdisciplinary research and innovation in quantum physics, computer science, information engineering and other related research fields.
Professor Kae Nemoto, who leads the Quantum Information Science and Technology Unit at OIST, has been appointed Director of the new center. “Considering the potential impacts of quantum technologies, the international and interdisciplinary research environment at OIST is important for the future research of quantum science and technology,” Nemoto said. Click here to read article in-entirety.


IIIT Delhi establishes new Center for Quantum Technologies

The Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT Delhi) has established a new Center for Quantum Technologies (CQT). The centre will focus on leading the research and development of different aspects of quantum technologies, actively engage with the industries and government bodies for product development, promote interdisciplinary research, collaborate with other research labs in India and abroad, and impart relevant skills to the students to pursue a successful career in quantum technologies.
CQT is currently led by Dr Sayak Bhattacharya and involves nine faculty members across different disciplines. The numbers are expected to grow substantially over the coming years. The associated faculty members are highly skilled in all aspects of quantum technologies: theory, design of novel materials, circuits, secured communication networks, and finally, their implementation.


Sandra K. Helsel, Ph.D. has been researching and reporting on frontier technologies since 1990.  She has her Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.

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