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Quantum Internet Tested at Caltech and Fermilab

By IQT News posted 15 Dec 2020

(MirageNews) A joint team of researchers led by Caltech and including collaborators from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which Caltech manages for NASA, and Fermilab (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory) have established two test beds using off-the-shelf material and state-of-the-art quantum devices to accurately teleport quantum information for a sustained period across a distance of 44 kilometers.
This research represents an important step in establishing a quantum internet of the future, which would revolutionize the fields of secure communication, data storage, precision sensing, and computing.
“We are very proud to have achieved this milestone on sustainable, high-performing, and scalable quantum teleportation systems,” says Maria Spiropulu, the Shang-Yi Ch’en Professor of Physics at Caltech and director of the research program. “The results will be further improved with system upgrades we are expecting to complete by Q2 [second quarter of] 2021.”

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