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Quantum Computing Will Transform the Laws of Encryption

By IQT News posted 13 Aug 2019

(DQ.India) Quantum computing has the potential to completely transform the cyber threat landscape. Parallel to the development of quantum computing has been that of “post-quantum” or “quantum-resistant” cryptography to create encryption mechanisms that are resistant to quantum computing decryption capabilities.
The adoption of quantum key distribution (QKD) will increase the secrecy of communication networks. The nature of quantum key generation and distribution guarantees communication systems’ security because the observation of a quantum-generated key will necessarily degrade or otherwise alter the key in a detectable fashion.
It should be noted that quantum computing is still primarily in the research and development phases; large-scale application production and rollout has not occurred yet. Companies and countries are spending millions of dollars to win the race to get there first. While quantum computing is still years away from becoming a conventional technology, it is a tight arms race between the U.S. and China.

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