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Quantum Computing Weekend Update October 24-29

By Sandra Helsel posted 29 Oct 2022

Enjoy the best articles from InsideQuantumTechnology.com from this week as well as news that developed today.   IQT news, research and events are always up to date and meticulously curated.

Classiq flies with Rolls-Royce for classical/quantum aerospace project

New Research From LANL Creates a Predictive Model for Drug Design by Combining Quantum Physics, Chemistry, and Machine Learning

‘Crypto agility is not enough,’ Quantum Xchange’s Berk says

A Deeper Look at D-Wave Systems’ Launch in AWS Marketplace

IQT Quantum Cybersecurity opens today in New York City with several hundred in-person attendees and 18 exhibitors

Aliro Quantum offers end-to-end entanglement-based quantum network solution

Governments are mandating action on post-quantum; what do you need to do about it?

Women of Quantum Technology: Dr. Lene Oddershede of the Novo Nordisk Foundationology: Dr. Lene Oddershede of the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Prisco: ‘Massive vulnerability’ exists with submarine cables

Quantum Security Threats from the NISQ Era and Beyond

Analyzing the Quantum Computing Relations Between China and the U.S.

DHS aims for PQC implementation by 2030

Start today and take all available safety measures to keep your information quantum-safe

Inside Quantum Technology’s Inside Scoop: Quantum Computing and the Cloud

Breakthrough Victoria invests A$29 million in ColdQuanta for Australian initiative


Sandra K. Helsel, Ph.D. has been researching and reporting on frontier technologies since 1990.  She has her Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.


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