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QSimulate announces availability of QSP Materials for custom automation of simulation workflows

By Sandra Helsel posted 29 Mar 2022

(QSimulate) Boston headquartered Quantum Simulation Technologies, Inc. (dba QSimulate) announced the immediate availability of its QSimulate Platform for Materials (QSP Materials) and issued a news release about its democratization of advanced quantum mechanical simulations for R&D within the materials and specialty chemical industries. Inside Quantum Technology shares below:

“QSP Materials automates quantum simulation workflows, freeing computational scientists from mundane tasks to enhance productivity,” said Toru Shiozaki, CEO & Co-Founder at QSimulate, “Our customers have experienced up to 1000x higher throughput using the platform.”

Positive Customer Impact
Notable materials companies have already benefited from deploying QSP Materials. JSR, among the leading global chemical companies in the semiconductor materials space, has deployed the platform across their R&D team focused on advanced materials and chemicals. QSP Materials enables JSR to significantly scale its quantum mechanical simulation capabilities at a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional research methods.
“QSimulate democratizes quantum mechanical simulations, allowing our experimentalists to automate complex workflows without the need for specialization required by the traditional approach. The results are a scalable process producing results that are significantly more consistent than previously thought possible,” said Yu-ya Ohnishi, Deputy General Manager of Materials Informatics Initiative, JSR. “QSimulate is faster, more consistent, and operates at a substantial cost advantage compared to the traditional approach to quantum mechanics in R&D.”

QSP Materials Availability
QSP Materials is delivered as a SaaS platform specifically designed to meet the complex needs of R&D departments within the materials and specialty chemicals industries. QSimulate is committed to providing these industries with the next generation of quantum simulation technologies to increase efficiencies and reduce mundane tasks through workflow automation.

About QSimulate
Founded in 2019, QSimulate is a leader in quantum simulation technology for industry research and development. The company offers a range of products and services designed to leverage the power of quantum mechanics to solve industrial-scale problems like never before.

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