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Prisco: Five trends for quantum computing in 2022

By IQT News posted 17 Jan 2022

(Forbes) John Prisco, Security CEO and Founder of Safe Quantum Inc., looks ahead to quantum computing in 2022 and IQT-News summarizes his essay here.
Prisco points out that we saw increased formation of and activity from working groups uniting academia, research labs, the corporate world and government in 2021. But the fact remains, adoption of quantum computing will likely be evolutionary, based on available fiberoptic networks, equipment availability and affordability, and the foresight of IT and security professionals to embrace quantum technology early. That said, quantum watchers should look for five opportunities in 2022:

1. Quantum-based encryption is closer than you think

2. Quantum computing as a service (QCaaS) is on the horizon

3. Technology is catching up with the vision of a quantum internet

4. Critical infrastructure grids will be early adopters of quantum security

5. Quantum technology companies are poised for growth and investment

Any time government, R&D and business join forces, you can expect to see progress. Accessibility to quantum technologies is expanding, and 2022 will likely be remembered as the year commercial quantum really began.

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