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Perimeter Institute Launches Clay Riddell Centre for Quantum Matter

By IQT News posted 21 Oct 2020

(Newswise) Perimeter Institute is launching the Clay Riddell Centre for Quantum Matter, a new research hub where scientists will seek to harness the intrinsic properties of quantum mechanics to understand and uncover completely new states of matter.
The Centre represents a 10-year, $25 million investment in quantum matter research, made possible by a $10 million founding donation from the Riddell Family Charitable Foundation.
“Quantum matter is currently one of the most promising and most productive areas in fundamental physics research. The field is not only accelerating significantly, but also converging toward a rich nexus, ranging from condensed matter physics and quantum information to quantum gravity and string theory,” says Robert Myers, Perimeter’s Director. “Thanks to the Riddell family, the Centre will build on Perimeter’s core strengths in these areas. The Institute’s highly interdisciplinary nature makes it the ideal environment to advance our knowledge of quantum matter.”
New insights into the exotic quantum phenomena studied at the Centre will ultimately usher in a new world of materials science. By trying to understand how matter works at the most fundamental level, quantum matter scientists are laying the foundations for the technologies of the future.
“The visionary investment by the Riddell family will catalyze discoveries that will be critical to the second quantum revolution. Clay honoured us with his confidence in our mission, and his confidence in what Perimeter has the potential to do,” says Mike Lazaridis, Perimeter’s Founder and Board Chair. “We are profoundly grateful to the Riddell Family Charitable Foundation for this generous investment.”

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