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NTT Research Goal to Make Cryptography Robust & Ready for Post-Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 27 Feb 2020

(SDX.Central) One of the near-term goals of NTT Research is to make cryptography more robust and ready for a post-quantum computing landscape, said Kazuhiro Gomi, president and CEO of NTT Research. “Most of the crypto systems today on the internet are broken, so we have to come up with something before that day [comes],” he said.
NTT Research primarily focuses on quantum computing, health care applications, cryptography, and blockchain. The company invests in these areas because it wants to focus on areas of heightened interest even though clear objectives may not be achieved for a few years.
The research is still in early stages, so NTT isn’t sure if these technologies will make their way into data centers, for example, but the goal is to strengthen its security business, cloud business and managed service business overall, according to the company executives.
“The quantum computing system can break today’s public pieces so we need to be ready for it,” Gomi said. “We believe that we can make it before the quantum systems” arrive.

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