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Next Generation Lasers Transforming Business and Computers

By IQT News posted 17 Oct 2019

(Management.Today) Quantum computers achieve immense processing power without needing to pack more and more transistors into a chip, instead relying on the varying quantum states of atoms themselves.
Quantum computers depend on lasers, which are presently the only way to trap and cool atoms so that they form qubits, the basic processing unit of a quantum computer.
Glasgow-based M Squared is deeply involved in some of the most advanced industrial processes you’ll find since it produces the world’s purest light.
Moore’s Law [where computing power supposedly doubles every 18 months] is really about making things smaller and smaller and smaller inside the chip. But we’re going past the point where these components are so small that we can’t actually see them any more,” says Graeme Malcolm, CEO and founder of M Squared. In the long run, this problem can only be solved by an entirely new type of computing–quantum.
Quantum computing will still need lasers. Suffice it to say lasers are a growth industry. M Squared turned over £17.6m in 2019, having enjoyed five years with a compound annual growth rate of 34 per cent.

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