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Why Do We Need Quantum Computing?

By IQT News posted 14 Jan 2019

(I-HLS) iHLS (Israel’s Homeland Security) published this overview article for professionals wanting to know “Why do we need quantum computing?” A basic discussion of how quantum computers operate is also provided. The Why list is summarized:
–Quantum computing’s potential for faster speeds of data analysis can lead to stronger security and encryption. Also considering the amount of computing power used today, it is possible that in a few decades, we will run out of it. Quantum computing could solve this potential risk.
–Quantum computers could reduce the most difficult optimization problems to a number of operations. Despite the Big Data revolution of the 21st century, which allows for an unprecedented amount of data storage, data collection rate is running too fast for what we can now process and analyze.
–Quantum technology also has a strong impact on the current global arms race, especially between the US and China. Both are investing billions of dollars in quantum research in a race that can tilt the scales of global military dominance.

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