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Miraex joins IBM Q Network

By IQT News posted 18 Sep 2020

(Miraex) Swiss-based startup Miraex has joined the IBM Q Network. Using IBM’s state-of-the-art quantum infrastructure and accompanying expertise, Miraex is working on simulation and pulse-level control of quantum hardware.
Miraex has been founded by an international team of entrepreneurs and located at EPFL’s Innovation Park in Lausanne. The team of experienced quantum scientists and engineers develops photonic and quantum full-stack solutions for next-generation sensing, networking and computing. They are supported by several initiatives in Switzerland (VentureKick, ESA BIC, InnoBooster GRS, IMD, …) and graduated from Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) in Toronto.)Mira
A key focus of the Miraex team’s quantum roadmap is to build the hardware that solves the challenge of connecting different QPUs (quantum processing units) together. This will enable the realization of a quantum internet, i.e. a distributed network of quantum computers connected via secure optical communication channels. Almost a decade of research made Miraex come up with their quantum converter, which can convert stationary (microwave) qubits into flying (optical) qubits and vice versa.

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