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‘Logical Qubit’ May Help Cope with Errors in Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 15 Apr 2019

(InterestingEngineering) Quantum Computers are also built with imperfect parts just like personal computers. The major difference is that there is a well-established system that is reserved just for fixing the errors on personal computers, while the same is not true for quantum computers.
Quantum computers process information in the form of Qubits. The qubits have the ability to become neither one nor zero and exits states in-between.But, Qubits are very sensitive to external forces or the environment itself. This paves the way for errors to chime in with the results. Quantum information is subject to change based on many extenuation factors. Any change from the original value will result in an error, and Quantum Error Correction or (QEC) is used to keep the values in order.
A senior scientist in Andreas Wallraff’s research group named Sebastian Krinner might have the answer to that question. He is the first winner of the Lopez-Loreta Prize at ETH Zurich, and has come up with a concept that will help quantum computing make fewer errors. His idea is to introduce a new type of qubit called a Logical Qubit. A logical qubit is a collection of the individual qubit.

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