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Korea’s LGU+ Claims to Be ‘Industry-First’ to Apply Quantum-Resistant Cryptography Technology to Customer-Only Network Equipment

By IQT News posted 10 Jun 2020

(AJU.Daily) LGU+, a mobile carrier in South Korea, claimed to be “industry-first” to apply quantum-resistant cryptography technology to customer-only network equipment. The new technology can be applied to next-generation wired and wireless networks as well as various 5G services.
LGU+ has partnered with Cheon Jung-hee, a Seoul National University professor of mathematical sciences who heads Cryptolab, a lab involved in encryption and data security, to develop and commercialize post-quantum cryptography technology.
“We will work hard to develop technologies to expand quantum-resistant cryptography technology in various 5G services that will be commercialized in the future,” said LGU+’s network technology unit head Park Song-cheol.
As no separate network infrastructure is required for the distribution of encryption keys, post-quantum cryptography technology can be applied flexibly to various sections of wired and wireless networks that require encryption.
“It is very meaningful to apply next-generation cryptographic technology to telecom equipment for the first time in the world,” said Cheon, who has worked with LGU+ to analyze network security vulnerabilities, study quantum-resistant cryptography algorithms, and develop software, optimal security network structure and equipment.

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