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Israel Announces Consortium for Quantum Technology

By IQT News posted 10 Sep 2019

(EN.globes.co.il) The Israel Innovation Authority, headed by CEO Aharon Aharon, and the Ministry of Defense Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure launched the first consortium of its kind in Israel with companies and academic institutions as partners. “The entire future of technology is moving in the direction of quantum, a field in which every company has up until now acted independently. Now, with the founding of the new consortium, we will all have a guiding hand from the state. Every company and every concern will retain its own special quantum activity and developments, but the consortium will make it possible to overcome the enormous lack of generic knowledge in the subject, and will serve all of the concerns involved in it,” Yaniv Leib, head of the innovation administration at RAMTA, IAI’s land warfare enterprise, said.
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has demonstrated new quantum capabilities developed over years of research in the field in cooperation with academic and other defense concerns. “We demonstrated a development based on a quantum sensor for national security,” IAI chairman Harel Locker revealed, without disclosing further details about it. “For decades, IAI’s products have been in the forefront of global technology, and we are ensuring that this situation will continue in the future. We are therefore investing in revolutionary quantum technologies.”

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