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By Lawrence Gasman posted 17 Jul 2023

Although quantum sensors are the most mature part of the quantum technology industry, they have not received the attention they deserve from most analysts.  By contrast IQT Research has provided coverage of quantum sensors since our very first Inside Quantum Technology event and have published several market studies on quantum sensors with a new one due in August.  One reason why quantum industry analysts have not emphasized quantum sensors is that practical quantum sensor applications have been few to date. Much of the revenue has come from just one type of product; quantum magnetometers.  Another is that (with the obvious exception of Bosch) many manufacturers of quantum sensors have emphasized engineering over publicity and have tended to be rather slow moving.

This is all beginning to change. We are now seeing a new breed of quantum sensor firm emerge, ready and able to tap into new markets including healthcare, military, construction, and others.  These new firms have all the R&D and IP emphasis of start-ups in other parts of the quantumsphere.  The paradigmatic company here is SandboxAQ, but others are following its lead.

In August, IQT Research will be publishing its latest market study with forecasts and corporate profiles of what is new and exciting in the quantum sensor field.  A Table of Contents and a Sample for this report will be appearing soon.  And at our major October event in New York City (https://iqtevent.com/newyork/) we will be devoting an entire session to quantum sensors with talks and panels on the new quantum sensor technology and applications.

Lawrence Gasman is noted as an expert in the fields of additive manufacturing, telecom and quantum technology. He has produced over 300 research reports in all three fields and also plans programing for fall and spring IQT conferences in the USA as well internationally.


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