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IQT-NYC Online 2020 Attendee Demographic Info: “Where Quantum Technology Means Business”

By IQT News posted 04 Mar 2021

(IQT-NYC) IQT-NYC 2021 Online is today sharing the demographics of the attendees of 2020 IQT-Online conference.

C-Level Executives: 31%
VPs, Directors & Managers: 30%
Research Scientists & Engineers: 15%
Academia: 9%
Investors & Analysts: 8%
Other: 7%

“(IQT)…has quickly become the quantum industry’s leading conference.”
-ZDNET, Nov. 2, 2020

Early Bird Registration for IQT-NYC 2021 is available for $89 through March 11, 2021.
This conference includes panels and keynotes on eight topics critical to those seeking new business revenues from quantum-related opportunities. Each half-day is devoted to a topic and topic coverage at the event comprises:

Vertical FOCUS DAY Schedule
(Exclusive Sponsorships available for each vertical, apply here)

May 17 Morning — Quantum Computers + Quantum Processors

May 17 Afternoon — Quantum Safe (QKD + QRNGs + PQC)

May 18 Morning — Quantum Sensors

May 18 Afternoon— Quantum Materials and Components

May 19 Morning — Quantum Clouds and Service Providers

May 19 Afternoon — The Quantum Internet

May 20 Morning — Quantum Policy and Funding

May 20 Afternoon — Quantum End Users

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