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IQT News Briefs June 11: Q-CTRL’s Black Opal Wins 2024 EdTech Breakthrough’s Digital Courseware Solution of the Year Award • The platform for Digital and Quantum Innovation of Quebec (PINQ²) announces partnership with enterprise quantum • “Finance 4.0: How quantum computing will transform financial services”

IQT News — Quantum News Briefs
By Sandra Helsel posted 11 Jun 2024

News Briefs:

Q-CTRL’s Black Opal Wins 2024 EdTech Breakthrough’s Digital Courseware Solution of the Year Award

Q-CTRL, a pioneer of quantum infrastructure software to make quantum technologies useful announced June 11 that  it is the winner of the Digital Courseware Solution of the Year Award by EdTech Breakthrough for its quantum computing workforce development educational platform, Black Opal for Enterprise.
Black Opal separated itself in the crowded EdTech industry with its unique, intuitive, and interactive platform that makes it easy for anyone to learn quantum computing, regardless of educational background. Black Opal is unique in the deep tech industry as it makes quantum computing accessible for engineers and aspiring quantum professionals. Over 16,000 learners have kickstarted their learning journey through Black Opal’s easy-to-use animations, visualizations, and interactivity that open the door to a comprehensive, yet accessible, dive into quantum computing.
The content in Black Opal does not require previous quantum knowledge or formal prerequisites while applying quantum computing to real-world applications. It provides a comprehensive educational journey by delivering a modular, self-paced course, providing critical guidance and opportunities for practice. Black Opal incorporates more than 400 lessons across ten topics, each covering a fundamental concept in quantum computing.
Tech Breakthrough has worked with industry-disrupting companies like Amazon, Intel, Cisco, and Spotify to better understand the tech trends and innovations that are shaping industries.

The platform for Digital and Quantum Innovation of Quebec (PINQ²) announces partnership with enterprise quantum

The Platform for Digital and Quantum Innovation of Quebec (PINQ²) and Enterprise Quantum are proud to announce a partnership that aims revolutionize the financial sector by leveraging quantum computing.

Founded by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy of Quebec (MEIE) and the Université de Sherbrooke, PINQ² has teamed up with Enterprise Quantum to enhance computational power, improve risk analysis, advance encryption, and simulate financial markets. These advancements promise to optimize investment portfolios, ensure cybersecurity, and improve decision-making processes in banking.

Today 0n 11 June 2024, both organizations will be holding the first workshop on quantum computing for finance and insurance in Montreal. Experts will discuss the practical uses of quantum computing in finance, which will transform banking services.

In Other News:

Forbes Council Post discusses “Finance 4.0: How quantum computing will transform financial services”

One of the most compelling applications of quantum computing in finance lies in optimization issues according to June 6 article by Forbes Council member Christian Frahm, CEO of United Fintech and summarized here. Day-to-day financial institutions grapple with optimizing portfolios, risk management strategies and trading algorithms in real time. Quantum computers excel at solving these optimization challenges exponentially faster than classical methods, enabling more efficient resource allocation, reduced risk exposure and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Quantum computing also offers a game-changing solution to the cryptographic vulnerabilities plaguing traditional security protocols: With the advent of quantum computers, conventional encryption algorithms that underpin secure communications and transactions have become obsolete. However, quantum cryptography presents a resilient alternative to ensure unbreakable security.

The practical integration of quantum computing into financial services will unfold over several phases. In one to four years), we’ll see foundational research and hybrid quantum-classical applications emerge and quantum security become implemented. The mid-term (four to eight years) will likely bring more sophisticated integration, affecting real-time trading and risk management. Long-term (eight-plus years) perspective, we expect full quantum integration, reshaping financial infrastructure and regulatory frameworks.



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