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India’s QpiAI Tech Inventing AI System Generating Processor to Overcome Shortcoming of Current Quantum Computers

By IQT News posted 07 Apr 2020

(AnalyticsIndia) India’s QpiAI Tech is inventing ASGP (AI System Generating Processor) to overcome the shortcomings of current quantum computers. “Hybrid classical-Quantum computers are the solution,” shares Nagendra Nagaraja.
QpiAI relies on CMOS-based quantum dots to fabricate hybrid chips which work at Cryogenic temperature and use current semiconductor processes. “Our aim is to put 1 million qubits on a chip to enable the solving of AI/ML model generation problems,” says Nagaraja.
Nagaraja believes that Quantum computers in the form of their invention ASGP would revolutionize computing.
The ambitious startup has been approached by many VCs for funding and has good cash flows currently from AI modelling platforms. As Nagaraja shares, funding will be mainly used in scaling the business and designing a commercial-grade Quantum chip.

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