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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Awarded $40M SGD to Build New SuperComputer for NSCC Singapore that Includes Software Simulation for Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 28 Apr 2021

(HPCWire) Hewlett Packard Enterprise today announced it has been awarded $40M SGD to build a new supercomputer for the National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore, the national high-performance computing (HPC) resource center dedicated to supporting science and engineering computing needs for academic, research and industry communities. The new system, which will be 8X faster compared to NSCC’s existing pool of HPC resources, will expand and augment ongoing research efforts by enabling tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning to optimize modeling, simulation and software simulation for quantum computing. NSCC will use the system to unlock scientific discoveries across medicine, diseases, climate, engineering and more.
The new supercomputer was funded through a SGD200 million investment that was announced by the Singapore government in March 2019 to boost Singapore’s high-performance computing resources.
The NSCC’s new supercomputer will be built and powered using the HPE Cray EX supercomputer, which is an HPC system designed to support next-generation supercomputing, such as Exascale-class systems, that also features a full stack of purpose-built technologies across compute, software, storage and networking to harness insights from vast, complex data more quickly and efficiently.
“We are inspired by how Singapore’s community of scientists have leveraged high performance computing to improve ongoing research efforts. We are honored to continue empowering their mission by building them a powerful system using the HPE Cray EX supercomputer that delivers comprehensive, purposely-engineered technologies for demanding research,” said Bill Mannel, vice president and general manager, HPE. “The new system will deliver a significant boost to R&D, allowing Singapore’s community of scientists and engineers to make greater contributions that will unlock innovation, economic value, and overall, strengthen the nation’s position in becoming more digitally-driven.”


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