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Future Quantum Resistant Blockchains Will Safeguard Bitcoin Says Cryptographer

By IQT News posted 17 Jan 2019

(CryptoGlobe) Cryptographer Adam Back responds to the recent discussions about quantum computing’s threat to cryptocurrencies. Back does not think quantum computers (Qwill be a threat to Bitcoin’s security because crypto developers will have developed quantum resistant blockchains.
The current intense discussions about bitcoin’s future safety were likely prompted by IBM’s recent announcement of its Q System One, that can “operate outside the research lab for the first time.”
E-toro’s senior market analyst commented on what effect the new IBM quantum computer might have on bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, by reminding followers that distributed systems expert, Andreas Antonopoulos had already addressed this issue. Antonopoulos had said in 2017 that the only threat bitcoin faces from quantum computers is if they are available to only one person or entity. However, if quantum computers can be used by everyone, then all users can upgrade their computer systems together.

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