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France Defines Strategy for Quantum Computing in 68-Page Report Citing ‘Urgent Need to Get Involved’ and Calling for 1.4 Billion Euros

By IQT News posted 10 Jan 2020

(En24.news) On January 8, 2020; MP LREM Paula Forteza, specialist in digital, presented a 68-page report detailing the recommended  French strategy on quantum computing. It is the fruit of four months of hearings, held between April and October 2019, as part of the parliamentary mission on quantum technologies entrusted by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.
As a preamble, the report admits “a real delay, but not prohibitive in terms of technological and industrial development”.
Forteza says, “There is an urgent need for France to get involved and make the necessary investments,” insisted Paula Forteza. “Quantum represents two major challenges: innovation – with spin-offs in terms of economic development and job creation – but also technological sovereignty. Quantum has been identified as a strategic technology by most countries. For example , the United States considered it a dual technology, for civil and military use. That says it all. “
The document is co-signed with Jean-Paul Herteman, former CEO of Safran, and Iordanis Kerenidis, CNRS research director. The objective: to align the visions of research, industry and politics.
“Today, France has invested around 60 million euros in quantum quantum”, including fundamental research efforts, specifies the deputy. “We must double, or even triple, these investments in the coming years. height of the stakes, we have calculated an investment of 1.4 billion euros over five years in France. The effort must not only come from the public sector: the private sector, local authorities and Europe must be involved. “

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