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Explore quantum hardware for free with Azure Quantum

By IQT News posted 04 Feb 2022

(MicrosoftDevBlog) Mike Blouin, Senior Program Manager, Azure Quantum recently published his blog explaining Microsoft’s $500 credits offer.  IQT-News shares Blouin’s blog below for our readers:

Whether you already use Azure Quantum, or are trying it for the first time, you can now enjoy $500 in credits to experiment with each of our participating quantum hardware partners. You get access today to IonQ’s QPU (as well as their free Simulator) and Quantinuum’s H1 QPU and Emulator featuring realistic H1 noise models, with more partners like QCI and Rigetti coming soon.
Just set up a free Azure account (click here for students), create an Azure Quantum Workspace in the Azure Portal, and your $500 in free credits for each participating provider will be enabled by default. It’s that easy. There’s no application or other requirements.

No matter what you’re using your Azure Quantum credits for, you’ll know when you’ve reached the $500 limit per participating partner and then have the option of transitioning to another available plan.

Need ideas for how to use your free credits? Start by running existing Python or Q# code samples that range from creating a Q# quantum random number generator to preparing a state using Qiskit in Azure Quantum. Or perhaps you’re a quantum computing educator wanting your students to get hands-on with quantum hardware? In addition to using the $500 in Azure Quantum credits for a class project, an Azure for Students account will jumpstart the learning journey with $100 more in traditional Azure credits.

Want to do more research with more credits? You can apply for up to $10,000 in credits towards use of quantum hardware in Azure Quantum to explore new algorithms, investigate use cases, and experiment with leading hardware platforms. Credits are awarded based on an application’s value to the quantum ecosystem from a research, education, or industry perspective. Submit your short Azure Quantum Credits application today!

Blouin says: We’re excited to see and share what you do with your $500 in credits! Bring your ideas, feedback and questions directly to our team members during weekly office hours at 8:30 am PST, every Thursday.

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