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The Development of Quantum Computing Will Be a Marathon–Not A Sprint

By IQT News posted 22 Apr 2019

(VentureBeat) The big quantum computing discoveries that will most impact society are still years away according to this excellent article by Christopher Monroe, the Bice Zorn Professor of Physics and Distinguished Professor at the University of Maryland and co-founder and CEO of IonQ, a quantum computing startup. Monroe explains, “In the meantime, we will see breathless announcements of records broken as the technology rapidly develops.” He points out these incremental advances are important for government, which has a role in encouraging this research, as well as for industries that need to start developing ways to use quantum computers as they become more powerful. “But too much hype risks disillusionment that may slow the progress.”
It may be 5-10 years before any of these machines have the capacity and accuracy to solve useful problems. Monroe cautions, “Along the way, I worry that some who read about quantum computing being the next big thing will feel let down and lose interest. We can’t let that happen.” Government needs to continue to support basic research, as Congress did passing the National Quantum Initiative Act last year. And the industrial community needs to start working with the current generation of quantum computers so they can develop the know-how and the software that will give them an edge as the technology improves.”

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