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DARPA Study Warns Surveillance Capabilities Will ‘Go Dark’ with Advent of AI & Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 21 Aug 2019

(TheEpochTimes) A study by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) forecasts U.S. intelligence’s communication surveillance capabilities are “‘Going Dark” as AI and quantum computing move toward true “end to end encryption.” Within five years, “Honey encryption” and quantum keys will end FBI’s surveillance capabilities, and more powerful processors will end NSA access within 10 years.
The DARPA report does not credit or blame any party or legal hurdle for the coming ineffectiveness of American intelligence’s surveillance tools perfected over the last two decades. But China’s quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) effort is suspect.
It was not until 2016 that the Pentagon acknowledged the emergence of a great power threat from China and Russia by launching its Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) that for the first time added cyberspace to land, sea, air and space as one of 5 domains of war.
China shocked U.S. intelligence services in late 2017 by applying advanced quantum computing software to be the first nation to demonstrate ‘quantum entanglement’ message sent from a space-based satellite to a Chinese ground station, before self-destructing.
The DARPA report states that with the “golden age” of SIGINT coming to a close, traditional methods of collecting signals intelligence and eavesdropping on communications used by the intelligence community will no longer be effective” against adversaries, terrorists and criminals.

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