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“Crypto Convos with QuantumXchange” Premieres w John Prisco & Dr. Whitfield Diffee

By IQT News posted 25 Aug 2020

(QuantumXchange) Quantum Xchange kicked-off the premiere episode of its new video series, Crypto Convos with John Prisco. Through intimate 1:1 video interviews, Crypto Convos with John Prisco will capture informative, engaging and hopefully entertaining discussions with those on the frontlines of crypto in the age of quantum computing. From technology innovators to policy makers to enterprise decision makers, discussing the news, trends and initiatives shaping quantum computing and its supporting ecosystem.
John was lucky enough to have as his first distinguished guest, none other than the father of modern public key cryptography, Dr. Whitfield Diffee. In the world of crypto, it doesn’t get much bigger than Whitfield Diffie. If you use encryption, then you know the Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol which democratized the use of cryptography and revolutionized the landscape of security in the private sector.
Prisco and Dr. Diffie take a moment to highlight the golden age of cryptography. Currently, the most important aspect within cryptography is the “amplifier” attached to the process. Here, a small piece of secret information can be “amplified” by the cryptographic system in a way that Dr. Diffie says it “becomes the security or insecurity of billions of bits of information.” However, with quantum computing, the systems that we currently have for quickly negotiating keys are threatened. Dr. Diffie notes that this will “reduce some aspects of the security that we currently enjoy, in a way that I am not sure we will see how to recover from.”

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