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Crown Sterling Announces Successful MainNet of Quantum-Resistant Crypto Token

By IQT News posted 03 Aug 2021

(SarsonFunds) Crown Sterling recently launched the successful MainNet of the Crown Sovereign token (CSOV), what it terms “the world’s first quantum-resistant digital asset’. Crown Sterling’s successful MainNet launch represents a significant milestone for the future of digital assets with the emergent and growing risk of quantum computing in the digital age.

Citing Sarson Funds’ Digital Asset Investor Guide to Cryptography, the engineering of future-proof encryption solutions ensures the value protection of the crypto ecosystem and may represent the next great digital asset investment opportunity. Crown Sterling’s quantum-resistant digital asset looks to spearhead a broader shift toward a more secure and self-sovereign digital future in the wake of a recent global surge in major hacking incidents.

Crown Sterling assembled a team of fourteen world-renowned engineers and mathematicians to build CrownEncryptOTP. Using irrational numbers to enable shortened keys and gradient descent supervised machine-learning to ensure that no keys are ever used twice, CrownEncryptOTP represents the first practical use case of One-Time Pad technology.

Most cryptocurrencies employ an asymmetric encryption method, which is vulnerable to quantum hacking. This positions the Crown Sovereign token as one of the most reliable and resilient digital assets in the emerging world of quantum technology. Quantum-resistant encryption assures a future of coexistence for blockchain and quantum computing.

The Crown Sovereign token utilizes a new variation of the One-Time Pad, an encryption technique viewed by cryptography experts as the most reliable method of data security. Previously deemed infeasible for scalable use cases, Crown Sterling has successfully engineered the first viable utility for One-Time Pad encryption, coined CrownEncryptOTP.

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