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Aurora Quantum Technologies Makes Quantum Leap to Waterloo Region

By IQT News posted 24 Jan 2019

(TheRecord) The founders of Aurora Quantum Technologies, Mohammadreza Rezaee and Raina Olsen, have established the first quantum startup in the Velocity Garage in downtown Kitchener, Ontario. The Waterloo Region is a hotbed for research and development in the field with 16 startups working on quantum technology. Aurora Quantum plans to use the fabrication shops and labs at the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Waterloo Institute for Technology at UW.
Both husband and wife have PhDs in physics and an ambitious agenda to build a quantum repeater that will speed particles of light — photons — over the quantum internet of the future. Rezaee estimates they need $2 million and three years to build their device that will send encrypted messages over long distances in a quantum internet. The technology remains highly experimental and because it is so expensive to develop, Olsen wants potential customers on-board now.

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