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Archer Details First Stage of Room Temp Quantum Chip

By IQT News posted 27 Aug 2019

(ZDNet) Archer Exploration has claimed assembly of the first quantum bit (qubit) component of a prototype room-temperature quantum computing chip.
The announcement is part of the Sydney-based company’s 12CQ project that aims to build a carbon-based quantum computing device that operates at room-temperature, starting with the chip.
The process was performed with nanometre scale accuracy on silicon and is repeatable and reproducible, Archer said. The process, however, is not limited to silicon.
“This level of positional accuracy and control is required to build a working prototype, and the process allows Archer to quickly build and test quantum information processing devices incorporating a number of qubits; individual qubits; or a combination of both, which is necessary to meet Archer’s aim of building a chip for a practical quantum computer,” the company said in a statement.

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