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20 Top Contenders in Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 02 Jul 2019

(BuiltIn.com) An increasing number of companies — including well-funded startups and several major players (think Google, IBM, Microsoft) that have partnered with research institutions to pool wallets and brain power — are trying to close the gap between present and future. When quantum computing is perfected, they know, it will transform a host of industries: medicine, fusion energy, plasma science, climate change, electric vehicles, finance, artificial intelligence and (in rather scary ways) information security.
This author lists the top 20 contenders in quantum computing and provides a descriptive paragraph for each:
1) Rigetti
2) IonQ
3) QC Ware
4) Straneworks
5) IBM
6) D-Wave
7) QX Branch
8) Quantum Circuits
9) Zapata
10) Bleximo
11) 1QBit
12) ColdQuanta
13) Xanada
14) Intel
15) Isara
16) Google
17) Microsoft
18) Honeywell
19) Atom Computing
20) ProteinQure

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