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Quantum Engineer

  |  Posted on September 9, 2022

Quantum Engineer

Efficient and fast detection of low light intensities is a key requirement in many optical quantum technologies or microscopy techniques. Pixel Photonics leverages superconducting technology in combination with integrated optics to provide novel detector modules and turn-key-detector solutions capable of detecting light down to the single photon level. Our scalable approach enables applications not feasible with current technology. By scaling to large photon numbers our detectors could allow optical quantum technologies to show their advantage over classical approaches. In quantum key distribution (QKD) our detector solution allows for a significant speed-up as well as scale-up of existing protocols enabling an implementation in every-day life.


  • Highly efficient fiber-to-chip coupling with hundreds of fibers
  • State of the art fabrication of nanophotonic chips
  • RF engineering at cryogenic temperatures
  • Highly efficient superconductor thin-film development

Your profile:

  • Master’s degree or higher in physics or optical/electrical engineering
  • Strong background in fiber optics communication and nanofabrication
  • Ideally a background in integrated photonic circuits (PIC)
  • Background in PIC packaging beneficial but not necessary
  • Cleanroom experience beneficial


  • Be part of a highly motivated and young team
  • Work in highly sophisticated nanofabrication facilities
  • Take on leadership responsibility at an early stage
  • Develop quantum technologies at the forefront of industry
  • Be an active part of the second quantum revolution!

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