Quantum Networks: A Ten-Year Forecast and Opportunity Analysis

Report IQT-IQN-2020
Published January 14, 2020
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There is already much talk about the Quantum Internet.  This network will have the same geographical breadth of coverage as today’s Internet but where the Internet carries bits, the Quantum Internet will carry qubits, represented by quantum states. The Quantum Internet will provide a powerful platform for communications among quantum computers and other quantum devices.  It will also enable a quantum version of the Internet-of-Things.  Finally, quantum networks can be the most secure networks ever built – completely invulnerable if constructed properly

Already there are sophisticated roadmaps showing how the Quantum Internet will come to be.  At the present time, however, quantum networking in the real world consists of three research programs and commercialization efforts:  Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) adds unbreakable coding of key distribution to public key encryption.  Cloud/network access to quantum computers is core to the business strategies of leading quantum computer companies.  Quantum sensor networks promise enhanced navigation and positioning; more sensitive medical imaging modalities, etc.  This report provides power ten-year forecasts of all three of these sectors.

In this report, we provide a detailed quantitative analysis of where the emerging opportunities can be found today and how they will emerge in the future:

  • Much of this report is made up of highly granular ten-year forecasts of the three key aspects of the current version of quantum networking: QKD, Quantum Clouds and Quantum Sensor Networks.

  • The report includes with an assessment of how we will reach the Quantum Internet including a forecast of Quantum Repeaters.

  • The ten-year forecasts are in volume and market value and include projections of nodes shipped, end user demand, equipment and services.

This report from INSIDE QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY will be essential reading for equipment companies, service providers, telephone companies, data center mangers, cybersecurity firms, IT companies and investors of various kinds.

Executive Summary
E.1  Goals, Scope and Methodology of this Report
E.1.1 A Definition of Quantum Networking
E.1 Quantum Networks Today:  QKD, Quantum Clouds and Quantum Networked Sensors
E.2 Towards the Quantum Internet:  Possible Business Opportunities
E.2.1 The need for Quantum Repeaters to Realize Quantum Networking’s Potential
E.3 Summary of 10-Year Forecasts for Quantum Networks
E.3.1 Quantum Key Distribution
E.3.2 Quantum Computer Networks
E.3.3 Quantum Sensor Networks
E.4 Plan of this Report
Chapter One: Ten-year Forecasts of Quantum Key Distribution
1.1 Opportunities  and Drivers for Quantum Key Distribution Networks
1.1.1 QKD Equipment
1.1.2 QKD Services
1.2 QKD and the Mobile Network
1.3 Ten-year Forecasts of QKD Markets
1.3.1 Primary Markets for QKD Equipment and Services
1.3.2 Timetable for Evolution of QKD
1.3.3 Ten-year Forecast of QKD Equipment by End User Type
1.3.4 Ten-year Forecast of QKD Services by End User Type:  A Qualitative Approach
1.4 Key Takeaways from this Chapter
Chapter Two:  Ten-year Forecasts of Quantum Clouds and Quantum Networks
2.1 Current Status of Quantum Clouds and Networks
2.1.1 Who are the Customers for Quantum Clouds
2.2 Ten-year Forecast of Penetration of Quantum Computer Shipments by Network Access
2.3 Ten-year Forecast of Hardware for Quantum Computing by End User Industry
2.4 Ten-year Forecast of Software for Quantum Computing by End User Industry
2.5 Key Takeaways from this Chapter
Chapter Three:  Ten-year Forecasts of Quantum Sensor Networks
3.1 Forecast of Potential for Networked Quantum Sensors: Likely Networked Quantum Sensor Users
3.1.1 Quantum Clock Networks
3.2 Ten-Year Forecast by Cost/Node
3.3 Ten-Year Forecast of Shipments of Networked Sensor Nodes Shipped
3.4 Ten-Year Forecast for Quantum Sensor Node Revenue by Sensor Node Technology
1.4 Key Takeaways from this Chapter
Chapter Four:   Towards the Quantum Internet
4.1 A Roadmap for the Quantum Internet
4.2 Evolution of Repeater Technology
4.2.1 Ten-year Forecast of Repeater Technology

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