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Inside Quantum Technology Offers Unique Series of Industry Analyst Reports Covering Quantum Computing, Quantum Encryption and Quantum Sensors

By IQT News posted 02 Aug 2018


August 2, 2018

Inside Quantum Technology Offers Unique Series of Industry Analyst Reports Covering Quantum Computing, Quantum Encryption and Quantum Sensors

Crozet, Virginia:  Inside Quantum Technology (www.insidequantumtechnology.com) is currently offering a unique series of industry analysis reports covering key market opportunities in quantum technology.  The reports were prepared by IQT Research, Inside Quantum Technology’s market research unit:

Quantum Sensors Markets, 2018 And Beyond:  In this report, IQT provides ten-year market forecasts of the quantum sensors business and considers the opportunities in quantum sensors from both the perspective of the traditional sensor industry and the budding quantum technology sector. Quantum sensors considered in this report include atomic clocks, single-photon detectors, PAR sensors, quantum LiDAR/radar, gravity sensors, atomic interferometers, magnetometers, quantum imaging devices, spin-qubit-based sensors, and quantum rotation sensors.  The report examines how revenues will be generated by quantum sensors in a wide range of applications.

Quantum Computing: Applications, Software and End-User Markets:  This report provides a roadmap for which end-user groups will adopt quantum computing, what software will be needed for early-stage quantum computing, and on which platforms – premise computers or cloud services — quantum computing will be delivered.  The report is especially concerned with determining when the major inflection points in the sector will occur and why. The ten-year forecasts in this report include breakouts by hardware, software, services, geography and end-user types for each application covered.  The report also includes profiles of leading quantum software and cloud services firms.

Quantum Networking: Deployments, Components and Opportunities – 2017-2026:  In this report, IQT identifies opportunities emerging from building quantum networks worldwide.  The report includes profiles of leading quantum networks and related R&D around the globe, technology assessment of quantum network technologies and components and where the potential for commercialization will be found. This report also includes ten-year forecasts quantum network deployment worldwide with breakouts by technologies used, applications served and the kinds of components being used.

Quantum Encryption Systems Markets: A Technology and Business Opportunity Forecast – 2017 To 2026:  This report analyzes the market for quantum key distribution, (QKD).  QKD has been deployed by governments and financial institutions for about 15 years, but there are now prospects for QKD’s much wider use. The report includes ten-year forecasts of systems shipped and the associated revenues. It also provides forecasts for critical components and modules that are used in QKD systems. These forecasts are the most granular ever presented in the QKD market and are broken out by product and technology type, application and end-user industry, geography and location of end users.  The applications coverage of the report includes both “traditional” markets, such as defense, and new markets, such as telecommunications.  Strategic profiles of all the leading firms supplying QKD and related systems are also provided.

About Inside Quantum Technology

Inside Quantum Technology is the first company to be dedicated to meeting the strategic information and analysis needs of the emerging quantum technology sector.  Our reports provide market projections, strategic profiles of key firms in the quantum technology space and assessments of where the money will be made in quantum technology. Our custom consulting provides guidance when clients need more detailed than can be provided in an off-the-shelf report. We provide a lot more than just data dumps from the Internet. Our offerings complement internal product and market planning and technology roadmapping.  Inside Quantum Technology also offers due diligence services to the financial community.

Inside Quantum Technology was founded by Lawrence Gasman in association with Alan Meckler’s 3DR Holdings.  You can follow Inside Quantum Technology on Twitter @InQuantumTech and on LinkedIn where we discuss technology trends, company announcements and the industry’s on-going progress. Register for more information here.

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