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How can I order a report from you?

You can order via our secure e-store, you can send us an order form via fax or email or you can contact our offices directly.

What license options are available on your reports?

Please see the following link for a listing and explanation of the licenses and their terms

What forms of payment do you accept for your reports?

We accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express as well as company checks and bank wire transfers. We reserve the right to request payment before releasing our reports.

How will my report be sent to me?

We send reports via email to you in a secure PDF format or we provide secure log-in credentials for your company’s defined users

Do you accept returns?

Given the highly consumable nature of our reports, once we ship the report we cannot offer a refund.

What if I have follow up questions about the report after it is purchased?

Quantum Computing will address any questions you have that is directly related to the content of the report. We generally respond via email to customer inquiries within 48 hours.

Do you offer discounts if we purchase more than one report at the time of order?

Yes, we offer favorable pricing for multiple report orders. Please contact us for specifics.

Do you sell sections of your reports?

We do not sell our report in sections or chapters.

Do you offer discounts to universities and other non-profit entities?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for details.  Unfortunately we are unable to provide free access to our reports to students.

I don't need to buy a full report since I have some specific questions. Is there a way to access some of the data without having to acquire the full report?

We do offer teleconferences to address specific inquiries. These are billed hourly hour for time spent compiling data and on the phone with the client.

I have some specific questions about what your reports covers and I would like to speak to the analyst before buying. Is that possible?

Send us your questions via email and we will route them to the appropriate analyst. We will get you a response via email promptly or schedule a quick call to address your questions.

Where do we send out press releases or updates to?
Who do we contact if we want to set up a briefing with one of your analysts?

Please use our contact form to request the briefing. We will be in touch shortly to determine relevancy and time slots.

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