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New Secretary of Defense to Visit Rome Lab Renowned for Solving Computing Problems & Researching Quantum Tech

By IQT News posted 24 Jul 2019

(Informany.com) U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer recently touted Rome Lab’s importance to the nation’s cyber defense network, and received a commitment from Mark Esper, who was just confirmed by the Senate to be the next U.S. Secretary of Defense, that Esper will visit the first-rate facility as soon as possible. The Lab is using the funding to create an “open campus” ecosystem where researchers from the Air Force, Department of Defense (DOD), government, industry, small business community, and academia can collaborate to solve different computing problems using quantum computing technology, making it a leader in this emerging field. Additionally, in the Fiscal Year 2019 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related (MILCON-VA) Appropriations bill, Schumer fought for and secured $14.2 in federal funding for Rome Lab to construct a new perimeter fence, boosting anti-terrorism security.
In their meeting, Schumer explained that, over the years, Rome Lab has established itself as a leader in the military community in gathering cyber intelligence. Schumer also said that Rome Lab’s essential work in serving as a research and development, communications and strategic planning facility for U.S. Air Force (USAF) personnel has allowed it to continue providing good-paying, high-tech jobs to hundreds of airmen and civilians in the Mohawk Valley.
Schumer explained that Rome Lab, the Information Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory, is a national leader in communications and cyber technology in the heart of the Mohawk Valley. Located in Oneida County, one of its primary focuses is gathering and processing cyber intelligence. Since 1997, it has been the USAF’s “Superlab” and is considered the nation’s premier research organization for Command, Control, Communications, Cyber and Intelligence (C4I) technologies.

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