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Cambridge Quantum Computing Announces Significant New Collaboration With CERN

By IQT News posted 28 Feb 2020

(Finance.Yahoo) Cambridge Quantum Computing (“CQC”) announced today that it has joined CERN openlab in a collaboration – named the QUATERNION project – to explore the application of quantum technologies to particle physics. CQC is a global leader in the quantum industry with a deep commitment to the cultivation of world class scientific research.
“We are excited to collaborate with CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, on this innovative quantum computing based research project,” said Ilyas Khan, Founder and CEO of CQC. “CQC is focussed on using the world’s best science to develop technologies for the coming quantum age. Joining CERN openlab is a special development for any organization and we look forward to developing advances together,” he added.
“Our unique public-private partnership works to accelerate the development of cutting-edge computing technologies for our research community,” said Alberto Di Meglio, the Head of CERN openlab. “Quantum computing research is one of the most exciting areas of study today; we are pleased to welcome CQC and their world-class scientists into collaboration with us.”

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