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Quantum Computer Managers Called up to Get National UK Centre Organised for NISQy Business

By IQT News posted 28 Feb 2020

(TheRegister.co.uk) An interim management team for the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQQC) has been named with responsibility to get the centre built and sketch out its priorities. The project has been funded by UK Research and Innovation to the tune of £93m over five years.
The NQQC is run from four university hubs in Birmingham, Glasgow, Oxford and York although there are 17 universities and 132 companies involved in total. The centre will be built on the Harwell campus, south of Oxford, with a building budget of £30m. The campus already has sufficient electricity capacity and other infrastructure in place.
“There’s now an international race to take the science out of the lab and realise practical technologies. I believe the National Quantum Computing Centre can give the UK the edge it needs to turn scientific excellence into a vibrant ecosystem involving academia, government, organisations, industry and startups,” explained Professor Simon Benjamin, quantum technologies prof at the University of Oxford.

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