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@BloombergRadio Interview with Alan Meckler: China’s Lead in Quantum Computing Is Worrying

By IQT News posted 20 Nov 2020

(BloombergNews.com) Bloomberg Radio, hosted by Paul Sweeney and Vonnie Quinn interviewed Internet pioneer, Dr. Alan Meckler, Managing Partner  of @AsimovVC  and CEO of 3DR Holdings, LLC about quantum computing and cybersecurity. 3DR Holdings invests in trade shows and websites including Inside Quantum Technology. 

Most recently, Inside Quantum Technology together with QuTech.nl co-produced the successful Inside Quantum Technology Europe virtual event that had 600 attendees from 30 countries from around world with 70 speakers. In an earlier interview with co-hosts of “Bloomberg Markets” about the Inside Quantum Technology event series,  Meckler explained that he has been “good at spotting trends and doing shows on those trends.

Dr. Meckler discussed quantum technology and what it means for cybersecurity going forward. It is “Quite complicated but the quantum technology revolution is upon us.“ He explained that the computing power of a quantum computer . . is almost science fiction like in terms of how much it can do in comparison to largest supercomputer today. The question is what what this technologies means for cybersecurity and financial security when quantum computers do come on line?”
Dr. Meckler explained that it is estimated a thousand qubits will have to be programmed for a quantum computer to be online and ready to go. He shared that he has been speaking Bob Sutor, IBM’s VP of Quantum Ecosystem Development and Sutor projects that “To get to a situation where a quantum computer would be totally online is projected to be 2030. .or ten years from now.”

Dr. Meckler said what concerns him the most in the quantum tech arena is international cybersecurity in terms of the “Technology Cold War–between China and the West.”
He warned,  “What China is doing to develop quantum computing is terrifying compared to what the US is accomplishing.”
He explained his concern, “Even though we don’t have complete information about China’s investment in quantum technologies, we do know they have completed campuses and universities and have invested Billions in this area.”
Meckler urged that we forget what our politics might be whether Democrat or Republican. Rather, “We should be worrying more about what the Chinese are doing in terms of quantum technology.”
As to the future, “While Biden has already announced hundreds of millions more in funding, but that’s just a pittance in terms of what Chinese have done.”
“It’s pretty terrifying to think what Chinese can do in terms of computing power way before we will in this country.”
Dr. Meckler stressed, “The press has not picked this up at all.”

Bloomberg asked Dr. Meckler about his investments in quantum technology. Dr. Meckler explained that VC investments must be different in quantum technologies and have horizons ranging over 10, 15 to 20 years.” He explained “I cover from a media perspective, i.e., the Inside Quantum Technology website and the events. My horizon is more like 5-7 years rather than longer.  The recent Inside Quantum Technology Europe virtual event had 600 attendees from 30 countries around world with 70 speakers.

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