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Zoran Krunic, Senior Manager of Data Science, Amgen; will speak at IQT Quantum + AI in NYC October 29-30, 2024

By Sandra Helsel posted 21 Jun 2024

Zoran Krunic, Senior Manager of Data Science, Amgen; will speak at IQT Quantum + AI in NYC October 29-30, 2024.

Since joining Amgen R&D in 2018, Zoran Krunic has been at the forefront of applying Machine Learning to enhance patient outcomes and streamline clinical trial enrollment processes, utilizing comprehensive Electronic Health Records and clinical datasets. His pioneering work in the Quantum Machine Learning space, in collaboration with IBM’s Quantum team, has been instrumental in integrating machine learning with quantum computing through IBM’s Qiskit platform.
Building on these foundations, Zoran has broadened his research scope to deepen the study of quantum kernels, scrutinizing their effects on the variability and reproducibility of small clinical datasets. Additionally, he has launched several innovative projects within the quantum computing sphere. These initiatives go beyond quantum kernels, delving into various facets of Quantum Machine Learning (QML) and the wider Quantum Computing disciplines, all aimed at advancing the integration of Quantum Computing within pharmacology.
Prior to his tenure at Amgen, Zoran developed Machine Learning algorithms at Optum to predict hardware and software failures within complex enterprise architectures. He has a strong background in data engineering and systems development, having contributed significantly to large-scale projects at renowned organizations such as Capital Group and ARCO Petroleum.
In his current full and part-time endeavors, Zoran is leading the efforts in embracing generative AI technologies, with a particular focus on OpenAI’s GPT and Anthropic’s Claude models. His work is focused on prompt engineering and its application to code generation, advanced document analysis, and process management, with a commitment to ethical AI practices and data privacy. Most recently, the work has expanded to include reproducibility and the potential for auto-labeling using generative AI.
A recognized voice in quantum computing circles, Zoran is a regular presenter at industry conferences and has served on numerous panels discussing the integration of quantum computing and generative AI within the Health Sciences sector, with a firm belief that the integration of these new technologies will be deep and comprehensive.
With a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Zoran continues to explore and contribute to the evolving relationship between quantum computing and artificial intelligence, fostering groundbreaking advancements in healthcare technology.

IQT’s first QUANTUM + AI conference and exhibition covering the coming revolution of combining quantum computing with Artificial Intelligence (AI). QUANTUM + AI takes place October 29-30, 2024, in New York City.
Quantum computing and AI are highly synergistic. Quantum computing having the potential to significantly enhance AI capabilities. Quantum AI combines the power of quantum computing with AI to create new algorithms, machine learning techniques, search procedure and data processing techniques that are impossible to achieve with classical computers.
The Quantum + AI Summit will feature a dynamic lineup of speakers and networking opportunities. Our agenda will be meticulously curated to address the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing quantum computing in the AI age today, as well as showcase behind-the-scenes look at applications and platforms being constructed.

Click here for details: IQT Quantum+AI in NYC, October 29-30

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